Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Vienna City of Music

Vienna (Wien), the last destination utk Europe trip kami kali ni..So, bila dah last dan penghujung ni, we were not too excited since badan dah penat dan keinginan utk balik rumah dan tidur sepuas-puasnya semakin kuat..And of course rindu juga utk makan nasi dgn masak lemak cili api ketam dan sambal belacan..hehe...The heart and soul of Vienna (Wien) is by far its beautiful Old Town which is filled with historic sights. Modern buildings mix in with tons of Medieval and Renaissance elements, making the city center is quite magical. From cathedrals to beer gardens, and shopping to museums there is diversity to entertain all travelers. And the best thing about Old Town Vienna is that, it is quite compact easily seen on foot.So, the best activities you can do in Vienna is sight seeing and walking tour activities. And kalau you all jenis yg suka music opera and museum, then Vienna is the great place for you sebab di Vienna bnyk musuem dan opera house...And for us, Vienna is not my preferable place to travel or honeymoon as the city is a bit boring and banyak church..hehe..Maybe my interest is more to nature landscape, sebab tu tak berape enjoy explore Vienna..hehe..Different people, different interest kan..

Actually, from Hallstatt to Vienna only 3 hours (by car-highway)..And highway di Vienna lebih kurang di Malaysia cuma lagi efficient. Biasa di Malaysia, kalau pemandu memandu perlahan dan berada di lorong paling kanan atau tngh, nobody cares right?Paling kurang pun kena hon atau kena maki dgn kereta belakang kan..hehe..Tapi di Vienna, kalau buat mcm tu, tup tup tngk ada motor polis kejar dr belakang dan kena saman..hehe..Itulah yg terjadi pada kami..Nasib baik tak kena saman sebab kami ni pelancong luar..Abang polis tu just bagi nasihat jgn duduk laluan yg salah sebab bahaya..huhu..Alhamdulillah..Hari pertama di Vienna, kami tak sempat nk walking tour in the city since smpai hotel pun dh petang. After check in dan letak luggage, kami pergi ke airport utk pulangkan kereta yg disewa semasa di Salzburg..So, our first day di Vienna bnyk dihabiskan di dalam kereta dan train..huhu..

Hotel          : Leonardo Hotel Vienna (Not Recommended)
Cost           : Euro 196.20 (2 Nights)
CAT Train : Euro 7.60/person

Vienna Airport

Beli tiket utk ke city center. The fastest route to city centre is via CAT train which takes 16 minutes to the city

Kesian anak mama..seharian travel..

 naik CAT Train utk ke city center from airport..just 25 minutes journey

train dua tingkat utk short distance journey..amazing

Hubs mula study map sebab esok we all akan explore Vienna pulak..yuhuu
25 minutes dlm train rasa sekejap je sebab sngt comfortable and superb..hehe

Humaira dh kepenatan..huhu

Lepas balik dari hantar kereta sewa di airport, kami pusing2 kejap di sekitar hotel utk cari makanan halal.Agak susah nk dptkan makanan halal berdekatan hotel yang kami menginap.Seriously, menyesal sngt book hotel ni sebab bilik sngt sempit dan katil tu ngam2 utk kami bertiga tidur..And condition hotel juga not too good..Nak murah punya pasalkan..hehe..So, first day mmg tak sempat buat ape2 sebab sngt penat travel sepanjang hari, turun naik train and pusing2 cari makanan halal along the street. Alhamdulillah nasib baik jumpa juga kedai yg jual kebab..After that, terus balik hotel dan tidur..So, kami hnya ada satu hari je lagi utk explore Vienna before going back to Munich..Actually utk dptkan info berkaitan food and halal restaurant di Vienna, you can check here and here for more details..

Nordsee Restaurant juga ada di Vienna

Volkstheater (people theater) at Spittelberg Street. Founded in 1889

Daripada hotel, kami jalan kaki je within the city since attraction place around 1km-2km je from hotel..

Walking the street through of Vienna is like being enveloped by an architectural symphony..

Hop and hoff tram in Vienna
Trams have the best network for reaching the outer limits of the city, but they can be hard to navigate for inexperienced

Ni agaknya group budak2 sekolah melawat musuem

Comel je beratur nak lintas jalan..

Renaissance  style building

Museums Quartier at Museumplatz 1 Street

Parts of Museums Quartier building..Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque style building. All in one..

As i have mentioned before, di Vienna ni terdapat bnyk musuem especially in the city..So, for those yg suka masuk museum mmg Vienna is the perfect place for you..And kami ni suami isteri ni pulak jenis yg tak suka masuk musuem..So, mmg this time mmg salah pilih tempat..hehe..Tapi, tak rugi pun datang Vienna, at least boleh tahu dan kenal ape yg menarik kt sini kan..The biggest museum at Vienna is Museumsquartier which is a dazzling and world-class museum and square in Austria. The main highlights here are the two massive twin museums on opposite sides of central garden..On the North side, the Museum of Natural History (Naturhistorisches) holds a interesting collection fossils, taxidermied animals, and other artifacts. On the South side of the square is the highly rated Art History Museum (Kunsthistorisches) which holds Vienna’s greatest collection of paintings. If you are looking for a hipper experience, head over to the the Leopold Modern Art Museum & Mumok Museum on the West side of the square. So, boleh bayangkan tak betapa besarnya square ni hingga kami ni lenguh jugaklah nk jalan2 dan pusing sekitar square tu..Itupun tak sempat nk cover semua tempat sbb kepenatan dan masa tak cukup..Museum2 yg ada di square tu pun kami tak masuk..just jalan2 di luar dan ambil gambar je..hehe..Kalau nak masuk dlm museum2 tu semua kena spend masa 3-4 jam br berbaloi.

Art History Museum Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-6 pm, except Thursday open until 9 pm. Monday-closed.
Cost: €14 for Adults, Children and teens are free, but a guided tour is €3 extra. . 
Natural History Museum Hours: 
Wednesday-Monday 9 am-6:30 pm, except Wednesday open until 9 pm,Tuesdays-closed.  
Cost: €10 for Adults, Children and teens are free, but a guided tour is €3 extra. 
Leopold Museum Hours: 
Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-6 pm, except Thursday open until 9 pm, Monday-closed. 
Cost: €12 for Adults, students €8.

At central garden of the museum.. 

At Empress Maria Theresa Statue

The weather was just nice..gloomy but not too cold..

School group maybe..

These guy will approach you to buy the ticket for opera.if you have extra times in Vienna, then don't miss watch the show

Terlopong Humaira tngk abg opera bagi penerangan kat papa..hehe

Rugi tak masuk muzium ni..but mostly rombongan sekolah yg masuk.tourist yg dtg biasanya ambil gambar kat luar je..hehe

Kawasan berpagar ni actually tempat lepak utk yg bawa pet. Tujuannya tak nak bagi anjing tu berak merata.At the end of the day nnti akan ada pekerja yg bersihkan..Hebat..ehhe

Actually ini ialah kawasan Hofburg Complex. From Museumsquartier jalan around 15 minutes akan jumpa this complex

A visit to Hofburg will bring you closer to the enigmatic personality of Empress Elizabeth (‘Sisi’).

For many centuries, the Vienna Hofburg was the centre of the Habsburg empire. 
The other side of the complex

Three museum attractions provide historically accurate insights into the tradition; Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection as a comprehensive collection of Imperial utilitarian objects.

Famous statue man at Hofburg Complex

The complex actually sngt luas. Dalam complex ni saje ada 3 museum..so pandai2 lah budget masa nnti..huhu

Baroque style building in Hofburg Complex. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites on 2001.

The other side of the complex

Small garden near the complex

Austria Parliament, Open everyday for guided tours except Sunday, Public Holiday as well as on session of the National Council and Federal Council

Free admission for persons aged 19 or below, 5 Euro for single ticket, 2.5 Euro for disabled guest, apprentices, senior citizens, students, persons on military service (ID card is necessary)

Small garden on the way to Rathaus (Town Hall)

Rathaus Park 

The Rathaus (Town Hall) is a building in Vienna which serves as the seat both of the mayor and city council of the city of Vienna. 

The Rathaus was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt in the Neo-Gothic style, and built between 1872 and 1883
On the top of the tower is the Rathausmann, one of the symbols of Vienna
The Rathaus also accommodates the historic 'Wiener Rathauskeller' restaurant.
 The traditional restaurant consists of several baroque halls, offering small traditional Viennese delicacies to grand gala buffets.

Open daily for visitors except Saturday and Sunday

In the Summer, a full-sized movie screen takes up the entire side of City Hall and play free outdoor movies over the park

In the Winter, a large outdoor ice staking rink set up in the park and the entire City Area turns into a Christmas Village.

Favorite place utk beli souvenir. Hard Rock Cafe terletak di Rotenturmstra├če 25. Jalan kaki je kalau dr Rathaus (Town Hall)
Feri at Leopoldstadt District 

Area ni banyak souvenir shop and cafe..

Humaira kebosanan..

Mengantuk pun ada..hehe

Menguap pulak..hehe

Mama...bila nak balik hotel ni..penatla..huhu

Karntner Strasse (Carinthia Road) the famous shopping street in Vienna

Palace Equitable at Saint Stephen Square (Stephenplatz)

The huge mansion was built for an American insurance company in 1891

The massive Gothic-style Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Stephenplatz, founded in 1137

St. Stephen's Cathedral was severely damaged by fire in the WWII and was rebuilt in just seven years

Mamat ni korek hidung..yerkkk..hehe

The Baroque masterpiece of Saint Peter's Church at Kartner Strasse 

At Kartner Strasse, the pedestrian shopping lanes is the perfect place to window shop high end brands, buy souvenirs, and slowly stroll while taking in the city.

Very busy street lined with great shops and places to eat

Kalau dtg Vienna jgn lupa naik kereta kuda.Ini mcm perkara wajib tau..ehehe

Menurut uncle ni, yg bewarna gold tu mmg dari emas betul..fuhhh..xhilang pula ye kat sini

Yang berwarna gold di statue tu pun mmg dari emas asli..

Am Hof Church..Vienna ni bnyk church.Kebanyakan church di Vienna dari zaman dulu yg berabad-abad lamanya.

Graben and Plague Monument

Gambar kami bertiga..huhu...sedihnya nk tinggalkan Vienna

Shopping make up je di Vienna sebab murah compare di Malaysia dan Arab Saudi

Itu sahaja aktiviti kami sepanjang 2 hari di Vienna.Walking through the streets of Vienna is like being enveloped by an architectural symphony. Whether you’re captivated by art, culture or modern European sophistication, Vienna offers a wealth of choice for visitors. Spend a day wandering the MuseumsQuartier, jump on a tram to Belvedere Palace or shop on trendy Graben and K├Ąrntner Strasse.So many interesting places you can visit at Vienna and Wien also is the perfect place to shop especially high end product like Hermes, LV, Chanel, Chopard, Cartier, etc..At first, kami rasa Vienna a little bit boring but after explore the city, we all terus jatuh cinta dgn Vienna..hehe..Sebab itulah pepatah ada mengatakan tidak kenal maka tidak cinta..

From Vienna, the next morning kami bertolak ke Munich naik train di Wien Westbahnhof (Vienna Central Station). Seperti biasa kami naik OBB Train and ticket dh dibook awal2 1 month before travel date..Sampai di central station, make sure tunjuk salinan ticket yg di print for confirmation and utk dapatkan no gate..Manalah tahu kalau tersalah beli or tersalah gate, kan satu hal pulak. Vienna to Munich ambil masa 3 jam utk sampai..Alhamdulillah perjalanan semua ok cuma ada kesulitan utk dptkn seat since tiket yg kami beli this time bukan seat first class..So, memang letih nk kena jalan dr satu gerabak ke gerabak yg lain utk cari seat yg kosong..Moral of the story, kalau travel ada anak kecil dan luggage bnyk, book tiket yg first class utk selamat dan selesa..kalau tak nnti jadi mcm kami..kesian hubs nak kena ulang alik 5 gerabak train utk punggah luggage..Di Munich kami menginap lagi satu malam di Le Meridien Hotel.Hotel ni mmg sngt best dan higly recommended. Harga pun berpatutan which is RM494 satu malam..Sampai di Munich pun dh nak petang maka satu hari tu kami rehat sahaja di bilik hotel sambil packing barang dan makan nasi ayam Tandori yg marvelous  yg hubs beli di restaurant India.Sedap giler ayam masak tandoori dan ayam masala tu smpai teringat2 smpai skrg..hehe..Lupa plak nk mintak hubs ambil gambar restaurant tu. Kalau tak boleh tunjuk kat sini for future reference..From hotel kami ambil taxi utk ke airport Vienna which is dalam 20 minit je dh smpai (Euro 20).Kalau nak jimat boleh je nak naik train tapi kami tak terdaya dah nak naik train sebab luggage bnyk dan badan pun still letih lagi. Taxi kami tempah awal2 dr hotel sebab ada anak kecil kena naik taxi yg ada baby seat. 

Wien Westbahnhof (Vienna Central Station)

Going back to Yanbu naik Turkish Airlines

Excited Humaira dpt balik ke rumah..penat travel agaknya..

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